Alan Gold

The Pirate Queen The-Pirate-Queen-small

The story of legendary 16th-century pirate Queen Grace O'Malley, and her fiery relationship with Elizabeth I.>ZelX7peXsX-rIx3kHtz2yJgJ_ANprtSVDua-sG-5i-fOOyyurzqCAhP38lAO5lEFPtLjy In the Elizabethan age, when only a handful of women held power by the fortune of their birth, one woman stands out as exceptional. Grace O'Malley, the Irish pirate queen, commanded a dozen ships and thousands of men. She was the first Irish woman ever to take her place as the leader of her nation and was feared and loved as much on sea as on land.

A fierce Irish patriot, seductress of men, loyal and loving friend, wife and mother, Grace O'Malley caused nothing but trouble for Elizabethan England. Through her piracy, she nearly bankrupted the English Treasury. Yet Grace's name has been almost completely erased from history.

Skilfully capturing the colour and excitement of life on the high seas and at the glittering English court, Alan Gold shows how the lives of two amazing women were intertwined and how they met and formed an extraordinary friendship.

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