Alan Gold


Known throughout the world as a novelist specializing in fast-paced thrillers and books dealing with subjects as diverse as biblical heroes and heroines, the Crusades, and modern politics, Alan's career has spanned three distinct professions, all linked with his skills as a communicator.

After leaving college in England, he entered journalism, working for newspapers and News Agencies throughout Europe and the Middle East.

During the past 25 years, Alan has written 20 internationally published and translated novels, and non-fiction works, as well as numerous articles of literary criticism and opinion columns.

He is a regular contributor to The Australian (the only national newspaper in the country), The Spectator, Good Reading, J-Wire and many other Australian and international publications.

His articles range from columns commenting on Middle East politics and anti-Semitism to literature.

He is a regular literary critic for The Australian and other local and international newspapers and on-line magazines. Along with Nobel Laureate Elie Wiesel and award-winning Israeli novelist Nava Semel, he was invited to be the inaugural contributor to

Alan gives an average of three speeches a month to groups ranging from Universities to major charities, United Nations Agencies, major business corporations (on the value of creativity in business decisions), anti-Semitism, Middle East politics and the dangers of racism.

He is an occasional lecturer in Creative Writing at major Universities and mentor to PhD candidates in Novel Writing.

Alan's books are available online from:
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